Who Are the Founding Members of the VFA?

The Volumetric Format association is a non profit trade association who believe volumetric video is the next revolution for content creation, editing 3D content, distribution of 3D content and the revolution of new ways to tell stories and communicate with each other.

What are the Benefits of becoming a member of the VFA?

The VFA has membership benefits on three levels: Community, Enterprise, and Advisor

However, at the core of all membership levels is the ability to be part of the development and validity of a set of specifications and best practices to help the global industry come together to drive adoption of volumetric video.

Community Membership

 Community membership tier was created to bring volumetric technology companies together with creators and studios who want to use volumetric video in their workflows.  This is a free tier for professionals in media & entertainment, the education/training, game development, and medical/first responders.

Benefits include: Attending general meetings, networking, and promoting your work in the volumetric space.


Enterprise Membership

Enterprise member’s have a seat on the board of directors and are able to vote on specifications and shape the direction of the VFA.

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Advisor Membership

Innovator members can participate in any working group and have the ability to contribute to a specification / best practices document as well as vote on the approval of a draft specification or best practice document.

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